Randsellier Paris (France)


Randsellier Paris (France)

For more than a century in Japan, children wear the randoseru during the first six grades of primary school. Randoseru is a useful schoolbag, resistant and comfortable, and is a part of the traditional and historical japanese heritage.

A schoolbag as cultural icon, with singular design, solid and recognizable.

55 years ago, the brand KATOCHU drew its inspiration from this tradition and developed this concept in Tokyo. Encouraged by this national success, its president, Hiroshi Tanaka decide today to export this trend in europe and particulary in France. He surrounds himself with a competent team of creation (Flairevision agency), capable of doing an adaptation to new fashion codes while keeping the unique identity of these schoolbags. Randsellier is born.

Two collections are created, one for children, another for adults. The design is the same, only the size is different, offering a variety of five colors (black, burgundy, navy, grey and brown).

In addition to a conscientious design and a handmade production, Randsellier Paris's bags are manufacturing in artificial leather, excluding animal leather exploitation, with a technology developed by TEIJIN, the producer.