James 1840


James 1840

French leader in interior design, James has embarked on an ambitious expansion that allows the realization of projects ready for use.

Since its creation in 1840, James has cultivated excellence, characteristic of his identity.

The commitment, the pride of belonging of our teams and the culture of innovation make us a key player in the sector, acclaimed by interior designers and decorators. our achievements demonstrate the quality of the work is the result of collaboration with James 1840, design is the base used as a method of perception of the project, orchestrated by a rigorous service and the optimization of an exceptional knowledge.

In 2018, James 1840 took over the firm Perrouin 1875. With a shared philosophy and the same wish to carry on the french's savoir-faire and excellence, Jales 1840 accompanies Perrouin and gives its a breath of fresh air. Since five generations, this family business figures among french chair's manufacturers who stand the test of time.