Sarah Hamon

Sarah Hamon - Founder & CEO

Sarah has always felt the desire to work with people who shared her passion for design, creativity and refinement. It was that very desire that led to create S2H Communication six years ago.

Sarah holds a double Masters degree in Modern Literature and Communications from la Sorbonne. Late into her studies Sarah had intentions of becoming a teacher; that was until she discovered Communications. A career where success is gained not through seniority and politics, but through creativity, culture, logic social ability and great writing. It proved to be the perfect match.

After receiving her university degrees, Sarah had the opportunity to organize a prestigious luxury industry symposium and award gala. As a life-long lover of fine design, she jumped at the chance to interact personally with designers and gain an intimate, behind the scenes look at the world of interior design and architecture.

This immersion in the design world led her to pursue a position with a design firm where she oversaw the communications for D’Days Design Festival in Paris. Her drive and hands-on experience gained during her years in the industry gave her the knowledge and confidence to establish her own successful firm.

Today she is surrounded by a team of passionate, dynamic people who speak the language of creativity and share a healthy appetite for fashion, food, design or anything related to the creative world.