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audrey & gabrielle

Audrey & Gabrielle is an interior design agency in Paris

Audrey Chuquet and Gabrielle Joinau launched their eponymous agency in 2016 and over the years have developed a number of high-end projects characterised by their refined approach and a touch of femininity.

They design warm, elegant interiors to the highest standards, insisting on unique functionality for each client.

"A building site is a ballet in which the agency is the conductor. The protagonist of the story is light, a successful quest is reflected in the understanding between the different players and a happy ending does not exist without impeccably followed finishes."

Drawing on their specialist expertise and their distinct but complementary tastes and skills, these two creative minds bring together objects, styles and eras in their various projects, whether residential or public. Each stage of the project is carefully thought through, from the customer brief, through the choice of materials, to discussions with their suppliers. Rigour, exacting standards and elegance are the watchwords of their agency. 

Based in Paris, Audrey & Gabrielle also work on projects in Lille and the South of France.