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CØR studio

CØR Studio is a new gallery designed by VAUST in a selection of exclusive interior design.

It brings together the digital and physical spectrums of design with a strong aesthetic sensibility driven by the harmony between craftsmanship and sustainability.

CØR Studio is a unique conceptual space in the heart of Paris that stimulates your creativity and your senses. It was designed in collaboration with Berlin-based VAUST Studio to provide a multifunctional space for creative projects. With this space, CØR offers an inspiring venue with minimalist contemporary design for shootings, showrooms, exhibitions and private events or dinners on 170 m².

CØR Studio reflects the enthusiasm of its founders for creation and art. Their projects focus on fashion, art, architecture and design. They combine content production through their own Berlin-based production company, new technologies and traditional craftsmanship in a unique gallery concept offering regular exhibitions of collectible design. The studio becomes a creative hub and merges disciplines in one place.