Laurence Carr

"Chez Laurence," EarthxTV original series is now airing on TV networks in US and UK

The EarthxTV original series, "Chez Laurence", is now airing on Spectrum cable (US) and Sky Satellite (UK & Ireland) TV networks.  

Circularity expert, Laurence Carr, is the host and executive producer of "Chez Laurence," the first and only program dedicated to celebrating the principles of the circular economy in the design world, showcasing the urgent need for, and innovation toward, circularity and sustainability in the interiors and design-related industries. In Season 2, which launched in 2022, Carr meets with companies and organizations in the built environment, architecture, furnishings, and design industries that have adopted and prioritized circular processes to reduce waste and improve their environmental impact. Carr and her guests explore shifting consumer trends toward sustainability and health, and how leading companies are rethinking the way they design and manufacture to meet these needs. 

EarthxTV is a global TV network dedicated to promoting the environment and sustainability Please go to to learn how to watch "Chez Laurence" Season 1 & 2.

Natalie Tomaselli