DELPHA, France's leading bathroom manufacturer, presents its ASTRAL collection, specially designed for PRM.

The bathroom is an important functional room in the home that should be accessible to all, which is why Delpha has carefully designed bathroom furniture and solutions especially for people with reduced mobility. 

Within its DELPHY range, the brand has designed a collection to meet the specific needs of people with reduced mobility or senior citizens. Delpha's Astral bathroom furniture will be appreciated by all members of the family for its ultra-ergonomic, comfortable design that facilitates everyday gestures and postures.

Each piece of furniture has been designed to offer unique furnishing solutions that break the mould of conventional PRM ranges. In addition to the functional and regulatory aspects, Delpha PRM furnishings are designed in line with current decorating trends: colors, noble materials, lighting...

Discover Delpha furniture solutions perfectly adapted to these uses!

A line designed with the help of occupational therapists

To respond to the accessibility market, Delpha had to adapt to standards and worked with occupational therapists, so as to be able to respond coherently and successfully to the needs of people with reduced mobility without compromising the brand's style.

The main challenge is to make sanitary installations accessible to all, while complying with hygiene standards. The ASTRAL collection is modular and functional, and complies with accessibility standards for establishments open to the public (ERP) and installations open to the public (IOP).

The configuration of each bathroom element has been carefully studied to provide optimum comfort for all users. The laminate top is fitted with a semi-recessed washbasin, making it easy for a wheelchair user to get in and out of the unit without being hindered by a vanity unit. Delpha also offers the option of choosing the position of the basin in relation to the body of the unit, to suit both left- and right-handed users.

3 widths are available to suit all bathroom spaces and specific uses: W100, W120 and W140 cm.

Accessories that make everyday life more accessible

When it comes to functionality, nothing has been left to chance in the Astral collection, with an optional fitted column that's perfect for everyday use. This is equipped with 3 internal drawers, a hairdryer holder, a socket and a magnifying mirror. Another ingenious idea is a double-sided mirror on the column door, allowing users to see themselves fully, door open or closed. The collection also features a larger mirror above the basin. This is fitted with a Led wall light specially designed for small spaces, providing diffused, glare-free illumination.

The cabinet underneath the washbasin also offers its share of storage space, with 2 full-extension pull-outs for guaranteed accessibility. Perfect for storing towels and cosmetics! A hinged wall-mounted towel rail is also an integral part of the collection, for easy storage of towels after a shower. For those who want even more storage space, Delpha offers optional 30-40 cm wall-mounted shelves. Everything is within easy reach, of course, for a solution consistent with the rest of the furniture. The result is greater autonomy in the bathroom, a room where privacy is appreciated.

Note that all the complementary fittings in the Delphy range are compatible with the ASTRAL collection to complete bathroom storage: storage compartments, laundry basket, hairdryer holder, accessories, etc.

Trendy colors and materials

Functionality, yes, but always in tune with the latest trends!

Since its creation in 1993, Delpha has been continually improving its manufacturing processes to satisfy user comfort while adapting to current trends.

The ASTRAL collection of bathroom furniture for PRMs is no exception, with contemporary colors and noble materials for guaranteed durability. In all, no fewer than 25 wood or colored decors are available for the fronts: matte, glossy or structured wood decors with chrome-plated furniture handles for a highly aesthetic finish. The base units and columns also match the fronts, with interior and exterior decorations. Toilet tops are available in 16 finishes: grey slate, matt clay, white sandstone, light sawn oak, dark sawn oak and more.

All these decors and finishes are suitable for any water space, whether it's a private bathroom in a home or a collective bathroom in an installations open to the public or establishments open to the public. At Delpha, it's easy to find the ideal solution for every surface and interior design!