How do you create a welcoming lighting scheme suited to professional establishments? Spotlight on Secto Design's hospitality expertise!

A Finnish family business specializing in handcrafted lamps made from locally sourced birch wood, Secto Design lighting fixtures have met with great international success and are displayed in many professional interiors: hotels, restaurants and bars around the world use their iconic pendant lights.

The Nordic peoples have a special relationship with light, with white nights in summer and long, dark winters. The changing natural light of these regions has made Scandinavian lighting designers experts in their field. Scandinavian expertise is widely sought after by public establishments, as they understand the importance of carefully illuminating interiors according to the time of day and natural lighting conditions. What's more, Secto Design's true essence, wooden fixtures, are renowned for their versatility and ability to adapt to many different interior designs.

Focus on Secto Design tips and ideas for hospitality professionals.