Maison&Objet unveils a sneak peek of its 2 "What's New?" trend areas, all in the colors of the inspirational theme: TERRA COSMOS.

Terra Cosmos reflects the mood of the times. With our feet on the ground and our heads in the stars, we all dream of escaping the everyday. New technologies open up extraordinary possibilities, while at the same time confronting us with our responsibilities. The two What's New? spaces anchor our desires in reality by delivering concrete solutions. Get a sneak preview of how experts Elisabeth Leriche and François Delclaux interpret Terra Cosmos, based on strong trends for interiors and retail, using the new products presented at the show.

What's New? In Decor by Elizabeth Leriche

New ways of living, producing and creating.

This season's theme, Terra Cosmos, inspired Elizabeth Leriche to create a cosmic odyssey immersed in the stars. The pavilion she imagines to inspire tomorrow's decors is visited by the light of constellations in a deep blue sky. Combining magic and technology, this prophet of trends reveals the aesthetic influences that will generate desirable futures: materials, textures, volumes, patterns, color gradations... The rough stone and sand of the moon, the red earth of Mars, the luminous aura of the sun, metallic variations. Several cells emerging from a spaceship will offer galaxies of objects, accessories and effects to inspire daydreaming.

This immersive journey invites you to discover 5 time-space capsules between sparkling sunlight, meteorite blacks, radical metallizations, aerial worlds and lunar dunes. These imaginary worlds feature new objects, spectacular furnishings and unique, inspiring creations.

Between earth & sky 

1. Floating House - Hall 8, Unique & Eclectic | 2. Nicolas David - Hall 5A, Craft | 3. Mademoiselle JO - Hall 7, Signature | 4. Object of curiosity  - Hall 7, Signature | 5. Niki Stylianou - Hall 5A, Craft | 6. Silver Sentimenti Ceramique - Hall 5A, Craft



7. Sofia Karnukaeva - Hall 7, Signature | 8. Galerie Sana Moreau - MOM Maison&Objet And More | 9. Guaxs - Hall 7, Signature | 10. Whenobjectswork - Hall 7, Signature | 11. Cyrylz Design - Hall 5A, Craft | 12. Narcis - Hall 7, Signature | 13. Yoomoota - Hall 7, Signature

What's New? In Retail by François Delclaux

The ultimate strategic tool for an inspiring business reality in every outlet. An invaluable tool for making your concept store or boutique a must-visit address.

Taking sales to the sky and beyond is the ambition of style consultant François Delclaux at What's New? In Retail space. Point-of-sale information, spotlights, signage, prioritization of selections, eye-catcher displays: the turnkey toolbox supplied contains the latest merchandising solutions and best-practices to get retailers off the ground.

Immediate boarding: François Delclaux staged his ultimate curation of future bestsellers inspired by the season's theme, Terra Cosmos. A space atmosphere, heading for the Moon, Mars and Neptune. Three stylistic exercises, between brutalism and futurism, materiality and technology... full of good ideas to project your point of sale towards new frontiers.


1. Aurore Bouter, Hall 5A, Craft | 2. Tuttoattaccato, Hall 7B, Unique & Eclectic | 3. Bemus, Hall 4, Cook & Share | 4. Stooly, Hall2, Smart Gift | 5. Stoelzle, Hall 4, Cook & Share | 6. Cyryls Design, Hall 5A, Craft | 7. Aishiteru, Hall4, Well Being & Beauty | 8. Vintola Studio, Hall 7B, Unique & Eclectic




9. Arcucci Ceramics, Hall 4, Cook & Share | 10. Brun de Vian Tiran, Hall 6, Home Linen | 11. When Objects Work, Hall 7A, Signature | 12. Corinne Geffray, Hall 5A, Craft | 13. Aurore Bouter, Hall 5A, Craft | 14. Corinne Geffray, Hall 5A, Craft | 15. Cécile Gasc Porcelaine, Hall 5A, Craft | 16. Mathieu Gicquel, Hall 5A, Craft


In addition, the What's New? In retail offers coaching sessions led by retail experts.



"Temporary exhibitions: a lever for events to liven up your store".

Daniela Leonini, Retail Expert

"When Retail and Hospitality meet".

Jacques Guyot, Partner at Retail Factory in the UK, Retail & Hospitality Expert

"Designing an agile, modular customer journey" Marc Cordier, Executive Director, Retail Factory, France

Marc Cordier, Executive Creative Director - SGK Brandimage

"Seeing far, looking near: the interplay of scale in Retail" François Serena, Creative Director - Retail

François Serena, Retail Creative Director - Dragon Rouge

and Magali Thiery, Retail Consulting Director - Dragon Rouge


The full program of retail coaching conferences and workshops is available online here.


See you on September 5-9, 2024 for the rest of the journey...