New Autumn-Winter 2022/23 collection

The AMPM autumn winter 2022-2023 collection creates soothing and rejuvenating living environments, conducive to daydreaming and rest, to silent well-being and to harmonious lines.

The collection for winter 2022-2023 is more than an Art of Living. It invites you to live with Art.



A very contemporary glass house that lets in light and the surrounding nature. Curves are omnipresent, enveloping and comfortable. Leather and wood, leather and fabric, lacquered wood... materials are combined. In terms of colour, the greens become colder, and are warmed up by fawn-coloured leather, yellow ochre and terracotta, setting the tone for the wall art and decorative objects.


Spectacular and ecological, a new generation of contemporary homes pays tribute to the Modernism of the 50s and 60s. With Japanese or Scandinavian influences and organic shapes, the furniture adopts a soft and welcoming aesthetic while the neutrals harmonize between beiges and whites. Light woods and textured materials contrast with smooth and embossed surfaces. The air that circulates seems to lighten the masses with calmness. The house breathes.


A house with a refined classicism whose modernity runs through the references of the 20th century, from the 1930s to the 1950s/70s. Curves are in the spotlight, shapes are organic and comfortable and textures bring relief and softness. The ambiences, both neutral and sophisticated, are punctuated by aqua colours and shades of chocolate to pinkish beige. 


A new version of the Loft, no longer urban but rural, discover a house with open spaces and exposed frameworks... The woods are light-coloured or painted, the seats are soft and comfortable. The furniture, covered in woven rattan, and the colours, declined in an organic palette, warm up the neutral atmosphere. Welcome to an artistic environment that refers to modern painting and sculpture.