In the most recent Maison&Objet survey, 97% of industry professionals stated that rising energy prices are impacting them. The latest Maison&Objet Barometer highlights the solutions industry stakeholders provide to this challenge.

Everyone is being affected  

No business is spared. Out of the retailers, specifiers, and brands surveyed, 8 out of 10 said the energy crisis impacts them in business. Electricity, gasoline, and diesel fuel are the primary energy sources they depend on, and these are also the ones that have seen the most significant cost increases.

"Customers' morale is low," says one brand. Customers affected by the significant increase in energy pricing must tighten their budgets and spend cautiously. "And they're moving around less," adds a French boutique owner. "A large part of my customers are Parisians who own vacation homes. I expect less traffic this winter because they're trying to avoid having to heat these houses."


Everyone is taking action

Businesses are taking action to control their budgets. 56% of those surveyed closely monitor their thermostats, while 41% have started manufacturing to order. One-third of companies surveyed say they plan to change their product offer to focus on low-energy products within their collections in 2023.

For brands with brick & mortar locations, the lighting of shop windows and hours of operation are subjects of discussion. "I'm in a shopping mall, and closing at 8 p.m. is pointless since there's no foot traffic after 7 p.m. Closing an hour earlier a day will allow us to make major energy savings", suggests one shop manager. 

Natalie Tomaselli