Le Jacquard Français

The French Jacquard becomes your favourite training partner!

The Le Jacquard Français fashion wardrobe is expanding!

After the tote bags, the brand presents two lines of sports accessories: Game, to motivate you in your efforts in all circumstances and Shala, to accompany you in your yoga practice in all serenity. 

The GAME Collection 

A dynamic spirit takes hold of this chic and practical line with invigorating tones. We find the diamond symbol of Le Jacquard Français par excellence, worked diagonally and in all-over for an essential and energetic model. A complete eco-responsible range which includes a sports bag, a toiletry bag and a set of towels. All available in three colours: red, green and blue.

GAME Collection : green Toilet and Sports bag 

 The SHALA Collection 🧘‍♀️

SHALA offers a Zen experience thanks to its deliberately neutral and soothing tones. We find the rhombus, worked in irregularity and all-over for an essential model representing the elegant imperfection of nature.

SHALA Collection : Mattress Topper | Towel Kit and Yoga Bolster