To mark the centenary of the Virebent ceramics factory (1924-2024), Tsé & Tsé unveils a large sculptural candlestick, "La Dame Blanche".

A long-time supporter of Virebent's creative and artisanal spirit, Sigolène Prébois has designed a porcelain candleholder to celebrate this anniversary. With this mischievous, uncluttered piece, the designer underlines the expertise of the manufacturer, with whom she has collaborated since the creation of her studio. Vincent Collin, who took over the company in 1990 with Frédérique Caillet, gave Sigolène Prébois free rein for this special creation, which is also a tribute to her late partner Catherine Lévy. Thus was born La Dame Blanche, the embodiment of shared friendships.

At the end of the 1990s, Frédérique Caillet and Vincent Collin took over the ceramics factory where the very young designers Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois were already working. Innovation and boldness are what have revived the company, of which Tsé & Tsé remains a loyal supporter.

"If there's one dinner service that stands out in the 20th century, it's the Affamée and Assoiffée range designed by Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois, aka Tsé & Tsé Associées. Their concept of using and exploiting the whimsical nature of porcelain has radically changed the approach of manufacturers," explains Vincent Collin, designer and owner of the factory. "In porcelain, we can say that there is a before and after Tsé & Tsé.

The tribute is so heartfelt that La Dame Blanche almost blushes.