Maison&Objet Paris

Maison&Objet is continuing to revolutionize its sector and launching three new digital services to help grow decoration, design, and lifestyle brands.

By the end of 2023, these brands will have the first omnichannel BtoB platform to facilitate their growth in a seamless physical and digital experience.

MOM (Maison&Objet & More) is a lead generation platform launched in 2016 by the Maison&Objet teams to anticipate the digital transition. The COVID crisis and the 18-month interruption of the show's event activity have made it clear that the company's vision was ahead of its time in terms of the evolution of its business model.

Although the trade show held twice a year at the Villepinte Exhibition Center remains the primary and best-known activity, the company's development strategy is to enable professionals in the sector (brands, buyers, and experts) to gather, meet, and develop their business all year long. Philippe Delhomme, Chairman of the SAFI Board of Directors, shared that the company's vocation is not solely as a trade show operator but to offer a quality, creative, and unifying platform. So why limit the company to only two shows a year when it can be at the heart of the community all year long? This is why MOM was created - to position the company differently and offer an effective and valuable digital platform.. this is just the beginning!

In 2023, three new tools will be launched to help young decoration, design, and lifestyle companies grow with the same resources as big companies.

  • January 2023: Maison&Objet will offer an online store creation service for professionals called "Eshop BtoB," allowing brands to design B2B transactional websites for their customers and prospects. A dedicated team will support creators in optimizing their sales.


  • Q1 2023: a marketplace functionality will be added to MOM for European brands and buyers (excluding the UK). Subscribing brands will be able to offer direct order-taking from professionals or the generation of quotes on demand, and buyers will be able to place orders all year long.


  • September 2023:  brands and show visitors will benefit from a tool allowing them to place orders digitally at the Maison&Objet Paris show. Brands can take orders more quickly and centralize leads from the show, while visitors can validate pre-orders at any time, during and after the show.These services can be chosen à la carte, allowing companies to benefit from the one(s) that fit their development strategy. By leveraging Maison&Objet's Paris trade show and the MOM digital platform, brands in the decoration, design, and lifestyle sector can develop their reputation, launch new products, and connect with nearly 480,000 international buyers and influencers throughout the year.

Philippe Delhomme hopes to achieve 25% of Maison&Objet's turnover from these activities within four years.