Seb la Frite, star youtuber and ambassador for the new Philips coffee machine, invites us to take a coffee break over an authentic barista espresso, made in a simple gesture and in less than 60 seconds...

With this collaboration, Philips is aiming to appeal to a new generation of coffee lovers looking for authenticity and simplicity.

BARISTINA launches a new movement and follows no one. Philips' new espresso machine is a disruptive innovation in its market: its simplicity of use doesn't sacrifice the excellence of the coffee it makes. On the contrary, in just a few seconds, and with a single gesture, with the Baristina machine, you can enjoy a real Barista coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans.

To embody this revolution, Philips has chosen an ambassador who represents a new generation of coffee lovers, Seb la Frite. The star Youtuber embodies a certain freshness and trendy style that perfectly matches the world of Baristina. With his charismatic personality and notable influence on social media, he perfectly represents the spirit of Baristina, the Philips coffee machine that is redefining the home coffee experience.

Known as one of the pioneers of YouTube, with over 3.4 million followers on Instagram and 5.52 million subscribers on Youtube, Seb la Frite is appreciated for his spontaneity and inimitable style. This collaboration with Baristina therefore seems perfectly suited to the creative and youthful spirit that Philips wants to convey through its new coffee machine.

"Becoming an ambassador for a coffee machine wasn't really in my plans, but it's a really exciting adventure. Adopting Baristina was a no-brainer for me because coffee is already part of my daily routine. I'm someone who likes to keep things simple in everything I do. And I find that this machine, and Philips, embody that simplicity, elegance and quality perfectly. I'm convinced that I'm not the only young person to think in this way. That's why I loved being involved in this campaign and I'm really proud of it," says Seb la Frite.