Fall Winter 2023 Collection

NV GALLERY presents The Timeless Edit, its new FW 2023 collection

The Timeless Edit, a timeless collection that allows you to create a unique home in your image.





This collection exudes a calm and unfailing confidence. Each element of this collection creates a unique and inspiring home, able to evolve over time through sustainable designs that skillfully blend modern aesthetics with classic elegance.

3 seater sofa in walnut and curly oats MASSAO - 1899€

MASSAO walnut and curly oat armchair -  899€



The Timeless Edit explores the language of curves and aims to create perfect fluidity between spaces.  Organic shapes are cleverly associated with a clean minimalism, and each piece sports elegant contours.  From sculptural chairs to gracefully curved sofas that invite relaxation, each piece of furniture has been carefully chosen to contribute to a captivating visual narrative.

Metal and velvet chair JASPER - 229€

MOSSO pouf in yellow tweed - 249€



The warm palette of earth colors and neutral tones, as well as natural light, blend harmoniously to create a haven of peace that seems far from the daily hustle and bustle.  To go further, the use of sustainable natural materials such as wood and stone will help you reinforce a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Yellow tweed armchair VOLTA - 799€

Sand tweed armchair GOLDEN GUN - 649€

Right corner sofa GIULIA - 2299€

Coffee table in tempered glass and matt wood ORWELL - 849€

Walnut or oak furniture JEFFREY - 899€

KYUMA ash wood coffee table - 649€

More about NV GALLERY 

It was in 2016 that Natalie Hanczewski and Thibaut Saguet, passionate about design and interior design, decided to found NV GALLERY. They see a gap in the supply available on the furniture market that they want to fill. Their idea? Offer collections of furniture, lighting and decoration with a unique style, changing standards already present on the market and all at an affordable price. The success is immediate: launched in France, the NV GALLERY site is now present in Germany, Benelux, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. With a team of 45 people, and a showroom in the heart of Paris, NV GALLERY continues its development with the ambition to offer a lifestyle with a strong design, trend and ethics.

NV GALLERY designs its collections and products from A to Z. Designers, developers and creatives work hand in hand to propose the best trends and materials in an attention to detail and quality/ price ratio. The brand carefully selects its manufacturers to guarantee quality products designed to last. With sustainability in mind, the brand is committed to using materials responsibly and producing designs in reasonable quantities. In 2022 the brand was awarded the PETA-Approved Vegan certification, which guarantees that no animal material is used in its collections.