NV GALLERY revives the seventies with blast from the past, the preview of its spring summer 2023 collection

NV GALLERY celebrates nature and its vibrant colors with its collection; Blast from the past. Rust, off-white, green, warm colors that are easy to combine with raw materials such as wood, marble and travertine.



With this new collection NV GALLERY proposes to compose an interior that evokes elegant reminiscences of the 1970s, muted and deep colors such as browns, greens and soft grays that invite naturalness in the house. 

This year, we're falling for furniture with character in ash, walnut or oak, such as the ORION chest of drawers, which charms us with its delicate and meticulous finishes. Like an ode to nature and its complexity, the walnut, which brings softness and warmth, comes up against the brutality and irregularities of travertine.

A collection punctuated by strong and soft pieces, which bring character to your interior while remaining timeless.