The 5 laureates of the Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM 2024 unveiled at the Iuav University of Venice

The Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM, created by architect and researcher Jana Revedin, promotes innovative thinking and encourages the adoption of sustainable solutions in architecture. The award is guided by the motto "Dare, transmit, federate."

Since its launch in 2006, the award has annually recognized the work and approach of five international architects. Their common denominator? All are committed to sustainability, seeking a contemporary architecture that is rational and ecologically responsible, in line with today's ethical, environmental, and social concerns. The Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM highlights the work of architects engaged in a forward-thinking approach, concerned about the footprint left by humans on their environment.

"18 years ago, when I launched this award, I wanted to honor a stance, a political, social, technical, and artistic commitment, a lifelong learning process, and not just a project. Today, I am proud to see that our laureates are all pioneers in their field", explains Jana Revedin.

The Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM, whose symposium is held under the patronage of UNESCO, is supported this year by Saint-Gobain, global leader in light and sustainable construction.

The theme of the 2024 edition: ARCHITECTURE IS EDUCATION

The five laureates of the 2024 edition were distinguished by an international panel of architects and researchers according to the theme "Architecture Is Education". The jury rewarded an innovative educational approach, capable of thinking and practicing architecture differently, while promoting among the new generations an ethical and responsible understanding of the profession.

The laureates selected by the jury in 2024 are as follows:

Iyas Shahin and Wesam Al Asali, founders of the IWLAB laboratory (Syria)

Andrés Jaque from the Office for Political Innovation, Dean of Columbia University School of Architecture (Spain/USA)

Marina Tabassum, architect (Bangladesh)

Ciro Pirondi, co-founder of L'Escola da Cidade (Brazil)

Klaus K. Loenhart, architect and landscape architect and director of the Institute of Architecture and Landscape in Graz (Germany/Austria)

They all have a deep commitment to architectural innovation and place great importance on education and pedagogy. Their singular contributions work towards a more sustainable future and are attentive to the needs of society's changing.