The benefits of natural light for a studious atmosphere in the attic!

1. When daylighting is synonymous with productivity and personal development 

The last few years have changed our relationship with work and our daily lives. With the spread of teleworking, people are spending more and more time at home and the creation of a functional and inspiring office space has become a priority for many workers. If you are short of space, an attic work space can be a good alternative, provided you have enough natural light, which plays a key role in the design of a room! VELUX offers solutions for a bright, functional space in which working is a pleasure.

2. The VELUX ATELIER glass roof: a light solution for a healthy and optimised working space


3. Regulating light for optimum comfort: the Venetian blind

About the VELUX Group

VELUX ®, the pioneering manufacturer of roof windows named after "VE" for ventilation and "LUX" for light, was founded in 1942 by the Danish entrepreneur and visionary Villum Kann Rasmussen. 

His idea? To transform attics into real rooms in a house and to extend the living space by bringing windows adapted to the roof. It was an immediate success!

Since then, the brand has continued to evolve and today VELUX ® offers multiple features - linked to home automation and decorative accessories - to provide natural light and fresh air. These innovative processes have sustainability in their DNA, as one of the main values of the brand!