The Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM unveils its 2024 theme ARCHITECTURE IS EDUCATION

The winners of the prize, along with a book dedicated to them, will be presented on 19 April 2024 at the Iuav University in Venice.

Since 2006, the Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM, created by architect and academic Jana Revedin, has recognised the work of five international architects.

What do they have in common? They are all committed to sustainability, in search of rational and ecologically responsible contemporary architecture that is in tune with today's ethical, environmental and social concerns.

A pioneer from the outset and still at the forefront today, the Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM has revealed more than one visionary profile.

The work carried out by Jana Revedin to highlight architects whose thinking is forward-looking and concerned about the issues surrounding the human footprint on the environment is essential.

In 2024, the Global Award is continuing its development and moving into Italian time!

This year, the award ceremony will be held on 19 April at the Iuav University in Venice. 

The programme for this international event includes 

- a symposium to present the 5 winners in the light of this year's theme, Architecture Is Education ; 

- the publication of the annual book by Jana Revedin and Marie-Hélène Contal, dedicated to the creative process and achievements of the prize-winners (ArchiTangle);

- a gala dinner at Palazzo Ca'Tron.