Creative Brands

Specialising in the production of porcelain stoneware products,
Lea Ceramiche is one of Italy's leading ceramic manufacturers, with a strong commitment to creativity and innovation.

Lea Ceramiche is the perfect synthesis of visionary design and technological performance. Thanks to relentless innovation, reliable performance and the ability to dare, Lea Ceramiche stands out for its unique and recognisable style. It occupies a dominant position in the world of architecture, which has enabled it to establish prestigious partnerships with internationally renowned designers and creators

The company's innovative capacity is based on constant experimentation, which, thanks to the development of cutting-edge production systems and technologies, enables Lea Ceramiche to offer its customers a wide range of top-quality products that have won several international awards for both their excellent technical performance and their design.

Each Lea Ceramiche collection, no matter how classic, exploits the qualities of ceramic design, offering a complete collection with rich decorations. In fact, it is the dialogue between in-depth knowledge of techniques and materials and the creative intelligence of a close-knit team that gives rise to and develops ideas, solutions and collections that are constantly evolving.

Lea Ceramiche is a brand of Panariagroup, one of the leading international groups in the production of top-of-the-range and luxurious ceramic surfaces, and shares with it the same mission, always projected towards growth and the creation of well-being in harmony with people and the environment.