A key player in the bath sector, the Kramer Group is continuing its development with the acquisition of Sarodis, a French manufacturer of built-in showers.

After the acquisition in 2019 of the luxury house Horus and that of Jurassienne de Céramique Française (former Jacob Delafon factory) at the end of 2021, the Kramer Group is extending its development ambitions in mass retail by joining forces with Sarodis. A new strategic growth lever for the bathroom specialist.

"This takeover demonstrates our continued commitment to providing our customers with innovative products and expanding our reach in the French market. We look forward to integrating this new team into the Kramer Group and strengthening our leadership position. Manuel Rodriguez, Chairman and CEO of Kramer Group

Founded in 1985 by Dominique Saul, Sarodis is a French SME, with 20 employees, specialized in built-in showers. Present on two markets, mass distribution (GSB) and industrial markets, Sarodis has a turnover of nearly 6 million in 2022. The family business founded by Dominique Saul is today managed by his son; Rodrigue Saul who took over in 2012 while tripling the company's turnover. Sarodis is also known for having developed the Hydrotube system and for having created, with a Grenoble-based company, a connected shower system. Innovation, quality and service are the key values of this SME, which is proud to boast a customer satisfaction rate of 98% (less than 3 days between order and delivery). 

Working together for several years and sharing common values, it is quite natural that the acquisition was decided between the Kramer Group and Sarodis. Innovation, respect for the environment and the rational consumption of water are elements that are shared by these two family businesses. Very committed to CSR, the Kramer Group is the ideal ally for Sarodis, which sees in the group great opportunities for commercial development in projects that were previously inaccessible. For the Kramer Group, Sarodis opens the door to distribution in large DIY stores, such as Leroy Merlin, where the brand has been present for over 25 years. By making Sarodis a subsidiary, the Kramer Group is making a strong impact in the world of mass distribution and is counting on the expertise of Sarodis to develop the presence of Jurassienne Française de Céramique and Kramer on the French market.

"The merger with the Kramer group gives us the industrial legitimacy we need today to develop high-quality Made in France products and promote strong, environmentally friendly brands. The entire Sarodis team is delighted with this marriage, which will help make the Kramer group a key player in the French sanitary sector. Rodrigue Saul, Managing Director of Sarodis

From right to left: Tristan Rodriguez, Rodrigue Saul, Dominique Saul, Manuel Rodriguez and François Retailleau