A responsible start to the new school year, with some exciting new additions to the concept store!

Empreintes has a new look, with a new, wide selection of craft items that are as original as ever. 

5 rue de Picardie, still the place to go for arts and crafts!

Tableware, decorative accessories, furniture, lighting, sculptures... new pieces made in France have just joined the Empreintes concept store and are sure to win you over. For fans of stoneware, porcelain, wood and papier-mache, these materials will be featured prominently throughout the store! Once again, give your shopping a new meaning by finding the piece of handmade art that will please you this autumn, or make one of your loved ones happy.

A closer look at the work of Virginie Boudsocq.

Each of Virginie Boudsocq's works is an invitation to take a contemplative stroll in wonder. Immersed in a search for a balance between realism and imperfection, the use of porcelain as her preferred material is a deliberate choice to let the material decide in part for itself.

In fact, this capricious clay reacts to the firing temperature, inducing reduction, deformation and changes to the initial colour. All these changes are part of a form of blossoming, like a plant that grows and evolves. Like imperfect nature, imperfection and tearing are voluntary and accepted - even hoped for.