Horus, a French manufacturer of luxury faucets for over 30 years, presents its vintage-style ZEPHYR range. A refined, timeless design, characteristic of the iconic Horus collections.

Zephyr is the result of a subtle blend of French elegance and long-line curves, directly inspired by the American Streamline artistic movement of the 1930s.

It was shortly before the Great Depression that the first productions or proposals of this movement appeared. The Chrysler Building, inaugurated in 1930, with its curved metal roof, is a prime example, even if this monument is more closely associated with the "Art Deco" movement, which was just beginning to wind down towards the end of the 1930s.

The "Art Déco" period is at the origin of the Streamline movement, for it is from its demands for "Cartesian sobriety" that the Streamline emerged. 

The Zephyr collection is a true tribute to this movement, the refinement and delicacy of each piece underlining the characteristic design of cars from this period. 

Zephyr is available in chrome, bright nickel, matt nickel, ice white, satin brass, gunmetal and matt black.

About Horus

A symbol of French excellence, Horus stands out for its acute sense of detail, its use of noble materials and its traditional know-how. The collections are inspired by different eras and artistic currents, enabling Horus to equip hotels and palaces around the world for over 30 years.
Horus is unique in that it is both an artisanal and industrial company. With its own production facilities, the brand controls the entire faucet manufacturing process, thanks in particular to its design office, its own foundries, and its in-house hydraulic and acoustic laboratory.

About the Kramer Group

A family-owned group, the Kramer Group specializes in the manufacture of faucets and French ceramics. Leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings with 11% market share in France, the Kramer Group has 4 production sites, 4 companies and a partnership with the Italian industrial group WTS. All four companies are dedicated to preserving and perfecting their know-how, while respecting their own identities and with the unchanged ambition of offering exceptional products that more than ever enhance the French art of living.
4 Houses within the Kramer Group

Kramer, Horus, Jurassienne de Céramique Française (JCF) and Sarodis


30 M€ Groupe Kramer France sales

180 employees in France