Les Éclaireurs: measuring the economic weight of crafts and know-how

The Institut de National des Métiers d'Art (INMA) is launching a large-scale project called Les Éclaireurs. The aim is, for the first time, to question, gather and structure the various data pertaining to the artcrafts sector, and to those trades that demonstrate high-tech know-how. The aim is clear: to gain a better understanding of their impact and economic weight, and derive clear figures and data from them, in order to provide appropriate responses to the issues facing the know-how ecosystem.

To this end, Les Éclaireurs has set up a scientific committee made up of players in the fields of training, regional development and those committed to promoting professionals in the creative crafts ecosystem. This committee will guide INMA and Xerfi Specific in their work of collecting and structuring data, and in particular in their surveys of professionals and institutions. The aim is to collect, organize and pool data that will help us anticipate and better respond to the sector's present and future challenges.