KRAMER GROUP and CLARA: A Strategic Alliance for the Future of French Know-How

The KRAMER GROUP, a recognised leader in taps and ceramics, and CLARA, a distinguished innovator in sanitaryware plastics, are announcing their collaboration and mutual support. This strategic partnership underlines a shared desire to enhance and promote the excellence of Made in France.

The KRAMER GROUP is firmly committed to integrating CLARA's Origine France Garantie labelled products and solutions into part of its production, with a significant order for 45,000 pieces. This integration demonstrates their confidence in CLARA's quality and reliability, and is intended to drive its commercial development.

Manuel Rodriguez, Chairman of the KRAMER GROUP, said: "This partnership is part of a long-term vision in which growth and success are based on sharing skills and strengthening capabilities. By joining forces with CLARA, we are not only sharing a common goal; we are respecting our vision of the future of French industry."

CLARA, whose reputation has been built on expertise and innovation since it was founded in Brittany in 1965, is being offered an unprecedented opportunity to penetrate the French market more widely. The KRAMER GROUP's commercial support will enable CLARA to consolidate its industrial credibility and broaden its commercial horizons.

François Ragot, CEO of Clara: "This partnership is excellent news for CLARA and all its employees. In addition to developing and manufacturing products of proven quality, this alliance will enable us to demonstrate that we are also capable of producing large quantities. This collaboration embodies our firm resolve to promote and defend French reindustrialisation and competitiveness."

Commitment to French reindustrialisation

The KRAMER GROUP has positioned itself as a genuine player in the reindustrialisation of France. Giving vital importance to the dynamism of territories is at the heart of their strategy. The KRAMER GROUP is convinced that France's industrial renewal depends on developing the local economic fabric. By supporting regional initiatives and encouraging the development of local skills, the Group is contributing to a robust and sustainable industrial ecosystem.

The KRAMER GROUP's mission goes beyond simple production; it is part of an approach that promotes, protects and passes on French know-how. By making this commitment alongside CLARA, Manuel Rodriguez is reiterating his desire to promote French companies that embody innovation and excellence. Together, the two companies are working to build a French industrial future that is not only competitive but also true to its roots.

This partnership is a cornerstone in the KRAMER GROUP's development strategy, affirming its commitment to offering products that are increasingly rooted in France's regions and industrial heritage. It is a further step towards our goal of preserving and innovating while respecting our roots.