NV GALLERY unveils The Reunion, its brand-new furniture collection designed entirely for the outdoors!

In a few weeks' time, evenings by the fireside will be a distant memory. Temperatures are easing and the days are getting longer... For city dwellers, the desire to get out into the fresh air and feel connected to nature is fast approaching.

With this new outdoor collection, NV GALLERY explores the art of creating immersive experiences, transforming living spaces into journeys through exceptional landscapes. Shapes and textures offer the possibility of rethinking outdoor space not only as an extension of the home, but above all as a privileged setting in which to experience moments of relaxation and escape.

The three outdoor lines designed by NV GALLERY: BEXLEY, FLORENTINO and AMALFI celebrate nature and its extraordinary landscapes, both in their design and materials, ensuring perfect harmony between indoors and outdoors, be it a garden, balcony or terrace. 

The Reunion also extends to the interior, as an art of living in harmony with nature. Here, natural colors and materials blend into the landscapes seen outside, like an echo designed to seamlessly transition from one to the other.