NV GALLERY highlights the mid-century trend with solar heritage, its spring-summer 2023 collection

This new collection was designed in homage to the simple and clean aesthetics of the Mid-century movement. Once called "solar", these mid-century homes epitomize innovation and non-conformity. Versatile, these bold new designs push boundaries, reinterpret traditions and prioritize comfort over looks. Celebrating clean lines, functional design, organic shapes and natural materials, this collection is multi-faceted. It can be lively, minimal or even eccentric, but it remains timeless and fits perfectly into any type of environment. This trend translates into a real stimulation of the senses, the neutral atmosphere is contrasted by bold pops of color, symmetry is there to balance the boldness and organic shapes serve to break up the clean lines of minimalism. The secret to perfect Mid-Century decor lies in creativity. Don't be afraid to introduce a strong and vintage piece in order to break the codes.