Creative Brands

The Veronese story begins in 1931 – the heyday for the decorative arts in Paris.

Following the launch of the first International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in 1925, the City of Light witnessed an ever-increasing demand for distinct yet modern high-end designs.

With over eighty years of Murano glass know-how and an extensive portfolio of worldwide decorative arts, we are both experts and innovators in our field. While the creative process commences and concludes at The House of Veronese where the designs are drawn up and the final products assembled, the Murano glass itself is layered, stretched, and blown on the Venetian island of Murano. Our expertise has grown from working closely with the master Murano artisans and engaging with every aspect of their craft.

By working closely with the masters, we not only cultivate our expertise but also push new boundaries. The complexity of Murano design, which Veronese has championed throughout its eight decades of designing decorative arts, is often hidden from the naked eye. Creating Murano decorative arts involves the collaborative efforts of numerous artisans, each of whom applies to the final design the unique technique in which he or she is an expert. The challenge in achieving the finest products requires first identifying the masters of each Murano technique necessary to complete a particular design, and then delicately coordinating their work. Just as the artisans have mastered their creative skills, we at The House of Veronese have mastered the art of synthesizing their individual expertise.