Meet Tai Ping at Paris Design Week from 8 to 17 September 2022!

Thursday 8 September 2022 | 9.30am to 6pm | 3 place des Victoires, 75001

COCKTAIL | 6pm to 9pm 

Inspired by the architecture of Tai Ping's showrooms in Milan and Paris, which are equipped with high structural columns, Sam Baron has imagined carpets whose floral motifs are revealed by their own reflection in mirrored metal cylinders. "The starting point for my thinking was the flower bouquet, as a symbol of courtesy and good manners," he says. These values are inseparable from the DNA of the Hong Kong manufacturer, whose demands for quality and excellence are expressed as much in its relations with its customers as in its craftsmanship... "Then I had fun reworking the idea of the bouquet with the Second Empire style, its flowers and ribbons, and the principle of anamorphosis, which was born in Greece, but whose golden age took place at the same time," continues the French designer.


Named Anamorphosis, Borealis and Regalis, in a nod to the lexicon of the French Encyclopaedia, these hand-tufted rugs in wool and silk were hand-drawn by Sam Baron, before being entrusted to the unrivalled expertise of the Hong Kong house's craftsmen. These highly complex pieces bear witness to the excellence of Tai Ping's know-how, with gradations of more than a hundred different colours, asperities and unprecedented mixes of very high quality materials... Not forgetting the anamorphic sections reflected on the mirrored metal columns, specially designed for the event, for a disturbing play on perspective... "With Florae Folium, our ambition is to offer a real experience to the visitor by elevating the carpet to another dimension: it is no longer just about decorating, but about inhabiting the space," concludes Sam Baron.






Tai Ping is an international company that designs and produces hand-knotted and tufted rugs. This exceptional brand owes its reputation to the virtuosity and excellence of its craftsmen, the relevance of its design, the quality of its manufacture and its service. From carding to assembly, from spinning to dyeing and finishing, Tai Ping's integrated manufacturing process ensures control of the entire production chain. With a large R&D budget, Tai Ping develops innovative techniques and fibres for its projects. Whether hand-tufted, hand-knotted or pass-tufted, all designs meet the most demanding creative, quality and service requirements and are installed in some of the world's most prestigious homes, boutiques, hotels, private jets and yachts.


House of Tai Ping is a Hong Kong-based company. Its three brands - Tai Ping, Edward Fields and La Manufacture Cogolin - create and produce bespoke carpets and textile floor coverings designed and customised to match the unique vision of designers and their clients. House of Tai Ping's reputation and success with a discerning international clientele is the result of its history of expertise, its remarkable archive, and its unrivalled design and service. With a presence in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East, and with fourteen showrooms, House of Tai Ping covers all public and private venues.



Born in France, Sam Baron is a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Étienne and has a post-graduate degree from the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. By anchoring his creations in functional and artistic research, without omitting cultural and historical narratives, Sam Baron positions his gaze in our everyday life and its contemporaneity through rereadings and reinterpretations of craft or industrial know-how. He works as a designer for brands such as Dior Maison, La Redoute, Vista Alegre, and Hennessy and was for ten years the creative director of the design department of Fabrica, the international communication research centre based in Italy. In 2009 he was awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in the Confirmed Designer section and in 2010 was named by Philippe Starck as one of the most important designers of the decade. Recently Sam was awarded the French Design Award, which recognises the 100 French designers whose work is internationally renowned. Sam Baron divides his time between Portugal and France.